hybrid cloud scenarios

Colocation a viable part of hybrid cloud scenarios

London, UK, 30 Oct 2019

Hybrid cloud technologies depend on colocation

Technology decision makers need to find ways to push applications and services closer to users hence the emergence of solutions that can do so namely edge computing and hybrid cloud.

Colocation data centres play an integral role in hybrid cloud scenarios employed by organisations. Companies can incorporate on-premise, private, and third-party cloud computing services so cloud delivery is tailored to fit the needs of organisations.

Many organisations have done so; over 65% of companies are working with a hybrid cloud environment of some variety, according to Forrester Research.

Colocation is an excellent option for organisations that want to maintain as much control as possible over their hardware and use valuable in-house technical talent. Many organisations need ownership of the hardware, for a variety of reasons including pragmatism, security, or risk management. It’s also helpful for companies that care deeply about non-standard information technology like high-density servers that support their business needs.

Those are just a few reasons why spending on hybrid cloud is expected to reach US$91.7-billion by 2021, up from US$33.3-billion in 2016, highlighting its vast growth potential, according to MarketsandMarkets.

The question of whether hardware ownership is desirable or necessary, the applications it handles and in what configurations is worth asking.

It’s important for enterprises to answer it so they can adapt successfully given the rapidly-changing information technology landscape. Examining a variety of options, including colocation, should be the first step in any potential infrastructure overhaul.

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