Colt DCS offers connectivity between our flagship sites (the home of the cloud, SIs and MSPS) and interconnection locations (highly connected sites in key metros) across Asia and Europe.

Our locations enable you to move your mission-critical workloads to where your customers are, or boost performance for your own internal business operations.

We also connect to leading cloud providers and Internet Exchanges.

Colt DCS on demand data centre-to-data centre connectivity options are ideal for:

  • Enterprises looking to future proof their IT strategy with connectivity to the cloud
  • Carriers looking to meet new and expanded addressable markets
  • Cloud providers seeking solutions that can scale on a metro or global basis, and who want to develop the right solutions for their customers
  • Systems integrators and managed service providers looking to diminish latency or cost, and who want to access new services and reach new customers

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DCNet on Demand offers

  • Private connectivity into cloud and other services for the price of a cross connect
  • Remote configuration of ports (configure in London to get access to Frankfurt) using Colt DCS portal
  • Lower TCO using Colt DCS connectivity options
  • Available from all Colt DCS datacenters
  • Connectivity can also be offered to other buildings – including your enterprise through Colt DCS’ Ethernet on Demand services

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DCNet on Demand

dcnet on demand

The smart flexible choice

DCNet on Demand means you don’t need to be in the same datacenter as another organisation to be able to communicate with them in a secure way at relatively low cost. You can even be in different metro markets and on different continents.

Colt DCS data centres can essentially act as a giant virtual campus, allowing you direct access to other COLT DCS customers across our entire portfolio including Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Gartner Best Practices

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Gartner Best Practices for Selecting a Colocation Provider

Buyers of colocation services are now commonly interested in far more than simply leasing space. In addition to traditional facility differentiators (eg: power density and resilience), other services (such as interconnection capabilities and managed services) enable colocation to play a more strategic role in global infrastructure delivery and network design.

However, as no two data centre facilities or providers are the same, I&O leaders must approach the colocation market using a structured approach that considers long-term data center strategy, opportunities for consolidation, and the use of a robust framework to determine appropriate suppliers and facilities.

This complimentary Gartner best practice research provides a three-step process and key considerations for selecting colocation facilities and vendors.

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