Flexible and scalable data solutions

We can offer flexible solutions covering your commercial, technical and support requirements, with transparency right through to SLAs, and a customised portal for insight into your DC environment and its use.

Colt DCS provides access to our team of skilled consultants that can help de-risk data centre planning scenarios and help you customize the best fit for your environment, whether you are taking a rack, cage, hall or entire building.

Flexibility coverage

  • Power commitments – fixed or metered power pricing (or a hybrid between the two)
  • The ability to scale up and down with power or footprint
  • High and low density options side by side
  • The ability to migrate workloads and undertake workload management
  • Rent-free periods for migrations
  • Options for right of first refusal
  • Pay-as-you-grow flexible contracts (1 to 30 years)
  • Flexible connectivity options for cloud access and reach into new markets

Colt DCS Flexibility

Enterprises – That want to future proof their investment, gain access to connectivity enriched services, that have hybrid cloud on the agenda or require a partner to help meet their unique requirements.

Network providers – That want to expand into addressable markets, gain secure access to cloud service providers and require the ability to scale as their business grows alongside Colt DCS.

Cloud Service Providers – That require the ability to scale on a global basis, and in existing markets, that want to split workloads for lower-cost TCO production environments versus lower-latency sites that offer proximity to customers, that need flexible commercial contracts and a provider that is willing to work with them so they can enter new markets fast.

Managed Service Providers, Systems Integrators and other Partners – That want to gain access to a vast ecosystem of users and cloud providers across Europe and Asia and want a partner that can help them expand as their markets change, that can accommodate their shifting requirements for new technologies, higher densities with more flexible contract terms.

All new Colt DCS data centres are built with cloud in mind – whether you are a cloud provider seeking lower TCO and better routes to market or an enterprise moving to hybrid cloud.

Modular Benefits

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Colt DCS’ modular approach means customers benefit from:

  • Repeatable solutions that can be deployed many times
  • Reduced reliance on external contractors and known operational support for our repeatable designs
  • A reduction in deployment time
  • Just-in-time CAPEX deployment, and reduced cost to build (savings that can be passed on to our customers)

Modular 2.0

Colt DCS Modular 2.0

Modular 2.0 is Colt’s latest iteration of our standardised approach to building data centres. It removes reliance on on-site teams for construction and reduces deployment times from industry norms of 18 to 24 months down to just six months.

Our repeatable designs mean we can deploy Modular 2.0 anywhere the market expects and our teams will have a deep understanding of how to operate these facilities on a global scale and local support.

Modular 2.0 has also reduced our cost to build meaning we can offer more competitive rental rates for our customers.

Modular 2.0 includes:

  • Indirect adiabatic cooling
  • Prefabricated components assembled on site
  • Increased rack count and higher densities
  • Removal of bespoke UPS rooms
  • N+1 Cooling and N+N Power
  • High density, 3000W per square metre design (for a 500 square metre hall)
  • 8kW to the rack
  • Hot aisle containment
  • 30 weeks delivery from order placement

Flexible Connectivity

Colt DCS’s global footprint and connectivity options are a natural fit for our flexible/scalable designs.

  • We can offer connectivity between our global footprint of data centres, into third-party facilities, access to leading cloud providers and Internet
  • Exchanges and between customers inside our own data centres
  • We are 100% carrier neutral, and have connectivity experts on hand to help you ascertain the best fit for your company’s needs.


Gartner Best Practices

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Gartner Best Practices for Selecting a Colocation Provider

Buyers of colocation services are now commonly interested in far more than simply leasing space. In addition to traditional facility differentiators (eg: power density and resilience), other services (such as interconnection capabilities and managed services) enable colocation to play a more strategic role in global infrastructure delivery and network design.

However, as no two data centre facilities or providers are the same, I&O leaders must approach the colocation market using a structured approach that considers long-term data center strategy, opportunities for consolidation, and the use of a robust framework to determine appropriate suppliers and facilities.

This complimentary Gartner best practice research provides a three-step process and key considerations for selecting colocation facilities and vendors.

Get your complimentary copy now: