Digital media providers – connecting customers and partners

Consumers and businesses are consuming more content and data than ever before, and as a result, your data centre and network requirements are changing.

Proximity to customers and carrier choice

At Colt DCS, we focus not only on performance but on choice, giving you access to:

  • International and local carriers
  • Flexible options within our data centre footprint and facilities that offer both low-cost, high density production workload environments and carrier-rich access to local markets in key population hubs

We provide access to the partners that help drive business for the media and gaming and content distribution markets, and the customers that want to tap into your services.

Our Offers

Local access, global reach

Colt DCS can help you reach local markets fast with our international footprint of connected data centers.

On top of our global footprint, we have expert local knowledge on metro connectivity and the regulatory environment, helping remove risk and ensuring your environment is safe.

More importantly, we are close to where you customers need to access your content – meaning you can deliver low latency, high performance services.

We offer gaming companies:

  • Cost effective, high-density environments, and carrier-rich connectivity in highly populated markets
  • The highest levels of data centre and network resiliency
  • The ability to build your own data centre environment using our flexible models and commercial approach
  • Direct connectivity to almost any CDN through Colt DCS internal connections or external direct fibre routes
  • 24 x 7 services and support
  • The ability to scale across our global footprint
  • Direct access to leading cloud providers
  • The ability to innovate with new technologies as the need arises

Workload Environments

At Colt DCS, we recognise that different workloads are best run in different environments.

That is why we cater to gaming companies requiring high-density workloads in facilities that offer you greater control over your environment in facilities tethered to connectivity rich, central city locations whether you are in London, Paris or Tokyo.

Our virtual campus approach can future proof your investments and help you target the right customer set by meeting their requirements head on.

colt data centre services


We offer media companies:

  • High security environments and highly secure service delivery
  • Access to major CDNs and content exchange locations and a global network of carriers
  • Low-cost, high-density environments, and carrier-rich connectivity in highly populated markets
  • Access to leading Internet Exchanges
  • 100% carrier neutrality
  • Access to Colt DCS network experts who can help you identify the best connectivity options with the lowest latency route, and highest security and performance
  • Access to an array of leading systems integrators and third-party service providers
  • Access to leading SIs – we work directly and indirectly with a number of leading media companies

We offer content distributors:

  • Access to leading Internet Exchanges
  • Access to leading network providers
  • The ability to scale across our global footprint, which provides capabilities in leading content trading hubs
  • Flexible ways to scale as your customer needs grow

Gartner Best Practices

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Gartner Best Practices for Selecting a Colocation Provider

Buyers of colocation services are now commonly interested in far more than simply leasing space. In addition to traditional facility differentiators (eg: power density and resilience), other services (such as interconnection capabilities and managed services) enable colocation to play a more strategic role in global infrastructure delivery and network design.

However, as no two data centre facilities or providers are the same, I&O leaders must approach the colocation market using a structured approach that considers long-term data center strategy, opportunities for consolidation, and the use of a robust framework to determine appropriate suppliers and facilities.

This complimentary Gartner best practice research provides a three-step process and key considerations for selecting colocation facilities and vendors.

Get your complimentary copy now: