Never lose power to your IT workflow

With our London 2 data centre, you can rest assure that your IT system will remain active in the event of a potential power failure. Powered to 15MVA, this Tier 3 carrier neutral site additionally supplies backup power generation with a minimum of 72 hours fuel storage to ensure your IT workflow stays constant.

Whether you require a rack, a cage, or a fully dedicated data hall, London 2 will provide you with an effective colocation solution that fits in with your current, and future IT strategy.

5 reasons to choose London 2

Security and protection – located away from your office premises to avoid deliberate attacks, London 2 operates using multiple security procedures to give you complete peace of mind that your data and IT is protected from forced entry and unauthorized access.

Power capacity – with a total power provision of 15MVA, London 2 will ensure that your IT power requirements are always met, providing you with fast networking and resilient connectivity.

Managed costs – helping you reduce your operational IT costs, London 2 will provide you with a cost effective solution to suit your needs today, and as your business evolves.

Support & reliability – our dedicated London 2 team provides service and support 24/7, ensuring that your IT colocation requirements are satisfied to remain market competitive.

Flexibility – being carrier neutral, London 2 allows you to access, switch and choose providers to support your multi-sourcing IT strategy, and expand capacity on demand to support your business growth objectives.

Key site specifications


  • 24/7 onsite security, monitored by multiple guards
  • 24/7 infrastructure and environment engineering
  • 24/7 local IT hands

Plus much more – download the full specification sheet below

Power capacity

  • Total power provision 15MVA
  • Centralised, dedicated N+N UPS
  • N+1 generators

Plus much more – download the full specification sheet below


  • Carrier neutral
  • Alternate carrier routing available

Fire control

  • Addressable analogue alarm system with double knock condition to initiate gas release above and below floor
  • Inert gas in all data halls and UPS rooms
  • HSSD smoke detection (VESDA) above and below raised floor and across fresh air louvers


  • No flood risk designation by Environmental Agency
  • No SEVESO registered sites operating within 8km
  • 13 miles from the nearest airport
  • 1km from the nearest passenger railway line

Energy efficiency

  • Highly efficient air cooled chillers on a closed loop chilled water system
  • Comprehensive energy power management system energy and
    (BMS) monitoring system as standard

Need more information about London 2?

Then download our full site specification sheet here, and take a further look at how our colocation services in London fit in with your business needs.

In addition, we also have two more data centres in based in and around London. Explore our London 1 and London 3 sites here.

DCS - London 2 spec cover image