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Delivering Colocation Solutions To The Technology Sector

The technology sector has reaped all the many rewards of colocation solutions thanks to Colt Data Centre Services (DCS).

Byelex Multimedia Products chose Colt for a number of reasons. For one, it needed to colocate its corporate and customer infrastructures as well as its SaaS applications in a highly secure, scalable and state-of-the-art data centre environment. Colt’s data centre didn’t disappoint.

The impressive Benelux data centre in Roosendaal, near Rotterdam, is the perfect solution for meeting the unique needs of these international software solutions specialists.

The Roosendaal data centre grants Byelex the required space and power to meet scalability requirements. The range of state-of-the-art facilities on offer make this data centre the perfect home for companies like Byelex that are looking for superb and reliable colocation solutions.

Our Tier 3 facility delivers the perfect colocation solution for our client.

Toshio Spoor, Chief Enterprise Architect at Byelex, said: “As a Tier 3 facility, Colt’s Roosendaal data centre offers the multi-layer security, quality certifications and high levels of availability that we and our customers depend on.”

Scalability can be easily achieved through the centre’s superb modular design and its capability to be extended as the business grows and develops.

Colt’s attention to detail, appreciation of Byelex’s unique needs and impressive facilities allowed the company to rise to the challenge of colocating its corporate and customer infrastructures and SaaS applications in a highly robust and scalable data centre environment.

Find out more about Byelex’s unique colocation solutions here.

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