Last year £6.7 billion was invested into UK tech firms in 2016, proving  London’s tech scene shows no signs of slowing down. London-based tech companies continue to prove an attractive destination for venture capitalists, with firms securing around £1.4 billion of investment in the last year alone.

What does a rapidly expanding technology sector mean for London’s data demands?

Servicing the capital’s data centre needs shouldn’t be taken for granted. To enable a city to truly thrive, its supporting technological infrastructure and availability must be capable of supporting the increased demand on network usage. An effective data infrastructure is as critical as running water and electricity to a megacity like London.

Here at Colt Data Centre Services, we are certainly witnessing the expansion of London’s tech scene first hand, with businesses seeking reliable, cost-effective, and scalable data centre solutions, which complement their hybrid IT strategies.

To support this, we recently announced the expansion of our London 3 data centre facility that will see the site grow to an impressive 11,000 sqm by June 2017. This latest expansion represents a 53% increase in IT capacity offered at the facility.

The news is testament to the exploding demand for flexible data centre space in the UK and London, now a flourishing global technology hub, and means that businesses can grow in real-time without having to worry about capacity challenges faced in the past and with legacy storage systems.

However, the capacity needs of a business are just one part of the story…

Companies also need to consider speed and efficiency to support their data demands. Businesses must be able to consume connectivity services ‘on-demand’ and in real-time.

Enterprises, system integrators and managed service providers are increasingly building hybrid or multi-cloud platforms as part of their IT infrastructures, with high-performance and private connectivity to the biggest cloud service providers forming a critical element of this.

Colt DCS’ dedicated cloud access on-demand allows organisations building hybrid platforms to avoid the high cost of fixed private network connectivity to key clouds, or the premium paid to collocate next to cloud gateways. This reduces the cost of provisioning bandwidth, improves consistency in network performance and offers the flexibility to scale usage up and down in line with capacity requirements in real-time. We’re confident that this is the best possible model on the market, developed to keep costs for businesses to a minimum, without sacrificing performance and delivery.


Grow your business in real-time

London’s technology and data demands show no signs of abating. A true global technology hub needs global connectivity and expansive data capacity to fuel its growth and that of its businesses. To find out more about our recent expansion and connectivity announcements solutions click here