Extending Colt’s Global Footprint With Data Centres in Asia

In 2014, Colt completed an exciting acquisition that was set to shape its global footprint and help secure its position as a major network provider across the Asia-Pacific region.

The acquisition of KVH enriches Colt’s already impressive portfolio, with integrated managed IT infrastructure and communications services businesses. KVH boasts headquarters in Tokyo and operations across Hong Kong, Seoul and Singapore, enabling the operation of seven data centres in Asia.

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Growing Colt’s Global Network

This exciting step provides a solid platform for growth, granting businesses requiring data centres in Asia access to an impressive choice of operational services across the Asia-Pacific region.

With the development of KVH across the heart of Asia, Colt boats end-to-end control of a global network spanning three continents, with 29 carrier-neutral data centres across Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Enrich Your Business Offering

If you are looking to enrich your business offering with a data centre in Asia, KVH centres boast the very highest standards in efficiency, security, power density and resilience, so your valuable business assets are in the very safest of hands.

Whatever your business requirements, our seven highly reliable state-of-the-art data centre facilities, strategically located across Asia, will enrich your company with total IT infrastructure solutions.

  • Solutions from our data centres in Asia include:
  • Colocation solutions
  • Proximity hosting
  • Storage
  • Data centre Internet access services
  • Extensive network and managed IT services

Colt Data Centres continues to grow from strength to strength, expanding across the globe and enriching businesses with IT, network and data centre solutions worldwide.

Click here to download an overview of our facilities in Asia.


KVH Tokyo Data Center 1 (TDC1)

Colt Tokyo Data Centre 1 (TDC1) is the ideal colocation facility for high frequency trading participants wishing to colocate close to the Japanese exchanges. Recommended by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Tokyo Commodities Exchange, Tokyo Financial Exchange, and Osaka Securities Exchange as an official access point and proximity hosting provider, TDC1 provides tenants with an optimum low latency environment. It also offers 7,600m² of compute space within Tier 3+ architecture.

For further information please download the data center spec sheet.

Tokyo Data Center 1 (TDC1) – English

Tokyo Data Centre 1 (TDC1) – Japanese

KVH Tokyo Data Center 2 (TDC2)

Colt Tokyo Data Centre 2 is one of the most advanced and secure data centres in the world. It has the highest level of seismic isolation of any data centre in Japan and is in an ideal geographic location – being within easy access of central Tokyo and close to the major landing stations serving Tokyo, while also being 20km from the coast.

For further information please download the data center spec sheet.

Tokyo Data Center 2 (TDC2) – English

Tokyo Data Centre 2 (TDC2) – Japanese

KVH Tokyo Otemachi Data Center (TODC)

Colt’s Tokyo Otemachi Data Centre (TODC) is located in Tokyo’s central business district, providing a highly convenient and easily accessible data centre facility for businesses operating in Japan. The facility was purpose-designed to meet the high security needs of customers with mission-critical data, and meets the highest standards in security and performance.

For further information please download the data center spec sheet.

Tokyo Otemachi Data Center (TODC) – English

Tokyo Otemachi Data Center (TODC) – Japanese

TDC 3ootemachi-081_mini

Osaka (ODC2)

KVH Osaka Data Center 2

Osaka Data Centre 2 (ODC2), conveniently located in Kita-ku, Osaka City close to central Osaka, is a high-specification Tier 3+ facility with carrier-neutral network access. Offered with Colt’s full range of data centre and network services, ODC2 is an optimal primary data centre for Osaka/Kansai-based businesses, and a reliable secondary site for Tokyo-based businesses seeking geographic diversity.

Osaka Data Center 2 (ODC2) – English

Osaka Data Centre 2 (ODC2) – Japanese



KVH Singapore Data Center 1 (SGDC1)

Singapore Data Centre 1 (SGDC1) is located in Jurong East, 15 minutes from the financial district, and was purposely designed to serve the mission critical needs of enterprise businesses. With Tier 3+ architecture, SGDC1 offers a leading-edge, high-specification facility with integrated colocation solutions that can be customised to meet the various demands of the financial, media, and manufacturing industries.

For further information please download the data center spec sheet.

Singapore Data Center 1 (SGDC1) – English

Singapore Data Center 1 (SGDC1) – Japanese


Singapore Digital_realty-4

Busan South Korea

KVH Busan, South Korea Data Center 1 (KRDC1)

Colt’s Korea Data Centre 1 (KRDC1) offers a colocation solution purposely built to fulfil the mission critical requirements of the Korean financial industry. This data centre is located in very close proximity to KRX’s derivative market matching engine, creating an alternative in accessing this trading system and serving as an ideal location for latency-sensitive traders.

For further information please download the data center spec sheet.

Busan, South Korea Data Center 1 (KRDC1)

Korea P1020004

Hong Kong

KVH Hong Kong Data Center 1 (HKDC1)

Hong Kong Data Centre 1 (HKDC1) is located near the core business district of Hong Kong and was specially designed to serve the mission critical needs of the financial industry. HKDC1 has Tier 3+ architecture and is strategically positioned adjacent to Hong Kong Exchange (HKEx) to provide financial enterprises with optimal Proximity Colocation Solutions that meet the high demands of leading edge low latency electronic trading strategies, including High Frequency Trading (HFT). With Colt being a recommended and preferred proximity hosting and access point provider of Asia’s major financial exchanges, customers can be assured of the highest quality of service and support.

For further information please download the data center spec sheet.

Hong Kong Data Center 1 (HKDC1) – English

Hong Kong Data Center 1 (HKDC1) – Japanese