green and sustainable data centers

Renewable energy usage throughout Europe

Harnessing renewable energy to power our green revolution

We are extremely proud to announce that each of our European data centres now use renewable energy, wherever this option is available.

In practice, this means that 9 of our 17 European facilities now run exclusively on power generated from renewable sources. In France, the country’s reliance on nuclear power and an energy generation shortfall makes it impossible for any data centre provider to guarantee 100 per cent renewable power, although it is hoped that planned developments for renewable energy will meet the shortfall by 2023.

“The global technology industry needs to face up to its global responsibilities, not least in the area of energy usage.”
Niclas Sanfridsson

Niclas Sanfridsson - CEO

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Energy efficiency white paper

Download and discover how you can achieve greater energy efficiency.

In our white paper, we outline the ways on how you can improve power usage effectiveness (PUE).

Become familiar with what your business and teams need to know with achieving energy efficiency.

If you would like further details about PUE, please let us know.

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