There are countless reasons why Colt Data Centres’ flexible colocation solutions are the perfect choice for your business:

  • At Colt Data Centre Services, we aspire to our customers’ success, ensuring your growth is supported by the best infrastructure solution for your business’ unique vision
  • We have designed, built, managed and innovated data centres for more than 15 years, and still managed to remain agile in the way we operate ‘glocally’
  • We combine our certified operational excellence with years of experience and grounding to deliver globally-scalable data centres in a highly dynamic IT environment.

Service excellence

  • We pride ourselves on mitigating your business risk by offering 24/7 support, 365 days a year in your local language without exception. Our resilient IT infrastructure solutions are proven to deliver world-class security, hosting 18 of the top 25 European financial institutions including the second oldest bank in the world – Berenberg Bank.
  • We have high standards, and are the only data centre provider in the world to be certified with a score of 98.5% from the prestigious Uptime Institute for their Management and Operations (M&O) award. Trust us, we know how to keep your data safe.
  • Our highly flexible and affordable colocation solutions have won us the ‘Colocation Provider of the Year’ award twice, in 2013 and 2014. We ensure your most valuable business asset, your data, is always accessible as and when you need it.
  • Our academy of excellence comes from our values of being the most trustworthy and transparent colocation provider. This set of values is driven by our hand-picked team, delivering the very best customer service – we are here to listen and be proactive. Our data centre specialists will offer operational and technical support, ensuring we remain focused on you, the customer.

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The flexibility we offer to connect with a choice of network providers simplifies your business strategy with effective colocation solutions. Our DC Connect capability also allows you to connect with third parties within a data centre, adding further flexibility and capabilities to your business.

We want your business to grow and develop, and offer the capability to provide capacity on demand. This enables you to scale as you grow, giving you the flexibility to connect to numerous internet and stock exchanges and multiple carrier networks across the globe.

As one of only five global providers with direct access to the three largest cloud providers in the world and scalable colocation solutions to assist growth, we ensure the sky really is the limit for your business.

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Global data center locations

We pride ourselves on being ‘glocal’; your local provider with global reach. With our 29 carrier neutral data centres across Europe and Asia, as well as connectivity to over 530 data centres across the globe, our solutions are unrivalled and grant us the largest cloud footprint in Europe.

Our 56,000m2 estate and connectivity to more than 200 carriers across Europe and Asia offer an impressive choice of secure connections to both application and cloud service providers.

Value Added Services

We offer you more than just colocation to help you keep up with your evolving business requirements. We ensure that you have not only the colocation space you need, but the support services and expertise required to go with it.:

  • DC Cross connects: Allows our customers to connect directly with a number of Carriers, Financial Exchanges,Internet and Cloud Service Providers.
  • Remote hands: Our data centres specialists are all trained to provide technical remote hands assistance when and where local intervention is required.
  • Disaster recovery: Offers customers both shared or dedicated DR office space, with internet access and conferencing facilities.

Other IT Services from Colt DCS

Colt is an information delivery platform, which means that as an organisation we are able to offer complete end-to-end service delivery . We offer integrated network, voice and IT services as well an extensive data centre offering. Combining these capabilities is what sets our portfolio apart from the competition.

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Colt’s leading network, 29 data centres deliver the highest quality business services to our customers across Europe and Asia.

Because of our extensive network we are able to provide customers with unmatchable connectivity. We connect directly to over 530+ third party data centres on a global scale.

Enhanced Colt Network

These facilities are fully integrated into the Colt network to give you the certainty you need to work with confidence. They are continuously monitored, and employ the latest technology to deliver cutting edge performance in a sustainable way.

data centre connectivity

Extensive network footprint

Direct-line connectivity to over 22,000 buildings in 47 major cities. The last-mile fibre connection delivers the security and reliability our customers demand within a fast paced marketplace. For many of our customers, we are their single, dedicated supplier of Data, Voice and Managed Services right across Europe and Asia. We are present in 28 countries in Europe, Asia plus the US and have agreements with providers in others to ensure total European coverage.

Our advanced infrastructure means that you gain from our flexible, responsive and reliable services day in, day out. Our stringent service level agreements (SLAs) for our on-net customers are one of the most demanding in the industry and mean you can be sure that you’ll be able to leverage our network 24/7, 365 days a year.


The highest level of data centre security

Our colocation services are designed for customers who want to manage their own IT hardware in a secure, dedicated and carrier neutral facility. All our data centres are accredited with ISO 27001 certification, the highest accreditation in information security management.

Multiple layers of security

multiple layers of security

CCTV,24/7,  365 day manned security and personalised ID protection provide complete peace-of-mind, while industry-leading SLA’s guarantee business-critical performance.

What’s more, our stringent standards are applied consistently across all our European and Asian markets. So, wherever you use our service, you can be assured your data remains secure.

Customer support

Colts data centre customers benefit from expert help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our dedicated customer service desk  is managed by data centre specialists who thrive on providing you with the technical and operational support you need, when you need it. 

Our team of multi-lingual experts are based at our Colt-owned facility which ensures that they have access to all the right client information systems no matter where our customers may be based.

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Customer support numbers

United Kingdom:
0800 358 3598 / +44 (0)203 140 2257

0800 29 069 / +34 93550 2256

The Netherlands: 
0800 265 8046 / +34 93550 2259

900 802 300 / +34 9355 02253

0800 780 288 / +34 9355 02258

For all other regions:
+44 (0) 203 140 2257

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Carrier neutral colocation

For anyone involved in considering a colocation strategy it’s important to ensure that your data centre partner is carrier neutral. This means that the data centre allows customers to use any carrier or network provider whether the carrier is currently in the data centre or not to come in. Not only does this ensure businesses with a number of connectivity options, but it can greatly enhance the speed and reliability of communications traffic, resulting in faster response times and a better end-user experience.

Alternative carriers

Although we own an extensive network across Europe we understand that customers may prefer to/or can sometimes be obliged to use alternative carriers. This is why we actively promote carriers into all of our data centres. If you would like to find out more about how to connect into one of our data centres get in touch with our team here.

Download our guide to true data centre carrier neutrality to find out more about what to look for from your data centre provider.

carrier neutral connectivity


For the second year running, Colt DCS has won the much coveted and strongly challenged co-location provider of the year

What makes us colocation provider of the year?

  • Colt is the most connected data centre provider in the world, with on-net connectivity to over 22,000 buildings in 47 major cities and over 520+ data centres globally, offering unparalleled opportunity, flexibility and resiliency for customers
  • We have more than 20 years’ experience delivering quality colocation services that exceed industry standards for security, reliability and environmental sustainability
  • We provide a best-in-class one stop shop for network and technology services in addition to colocation
  • By offering customers a choice of purpose-built Tier 3 data centre facilities or Tier II facilities, we can meet the various demands of SMBs as well as large enterprise organisations

dcs awards winner

uptime award

Building on the success of the initial award in 2012, our Powergate data centre has yet again been awarded with the renewal of the M&O stamp of approval.

Colt’s was the first data centre in Europe to be awarded with this prestigious accreditation for operational efficiency.

dcs awards

Data Centre Design and Build. Awarded for our neutral Rotterdam, Roosendaal colocation data centre.

This award from data centre solutions follows a string of prestigious awards including DCD awards for innovation in a medium data centre for Rotterdam, Roosendaal and improved data centre efficiency in 2013.

datacenter dynamics award

Improved data centre efficiency – this award recognised the achievements we have made to date since we launched the energy efficiency programme, which helped cut Colt’s energy usage by a fifth across our entire data centre estate, allowing us to achieve €4m in energy savings to date.

datacenter dynamics award

Innovation in the medium data centre space – Awarded for our Rotterdam, Roosendaal site recognising the dynamic efficiencies our data centre offers this region.

The unparalleled planning, budget, build, operational and energy efficiencies were all factors in demonstrating how innovative we have been.

uptime awards

The Uptime Institute awarded our Rotterdam, Roosendaal data centre the prestigious, industry recognised Management & Operations (M&O) award. This stamp reduces risk for our customers.

It lets them know that our data centres are run to the highest possible standard and are at lower risk of human error in our data centres than alternatives. It demonstrates that our facility satisfies industry-recognised criteria considered essential in order to achieve full potential.

data centre and cloud awards

“This year’s award winner needed to demonstrate real and measurable efficiencies across the business. Colt has set an example for the entire industry to dollow by demonstrating how, through a well-defined programme of efficiency improvement measures, massive efficiencies and cost savings can be achieved, debunking the myth that driving energy efficiencies are dependent on heavy investment.” Steve Wallage, Managing Director, Broadgroup

uptime awards

Our London, Welwyn Garden City is another of our data centres
which has been awarded with the M&O stamp of approval.