Security and compliance

From the gate to the rack, intelligent systems to connectivity, and across our Colt DCS security teams, our unrivalled, intelligent approach to security covers every step of your journey.

Our trusted security experts

Colt DCS recognises there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to security. Our in-house consultants can help you devise the best method covering physical access.

Our trademark Defence in Depth method

Coupled with our standardised processes, ongoing access to our security experts and transparent approach, Colt DCS can ensure your most valuable assets are protected no matter where in Colt’s estate you are.

We call this Defence in Depth.

defence in depth

Colt DCS offers six areas of security across each of our Defence in Depth layers:
Demarcate, Deter, Delay, Detect, Determine and Detain.

Security System

Our intelligent security system:

Colt DCS uses the latest in intelligent security systems to ensure your environment is protected with centralised and in-country monitoring systems that monitor your environment 24 x 7, 365 days a year.

security system flow diagram

Colt DCS can factor in layers of security designed to meet your specific needs, saving you money and enhancing protection every step of the way, no matter how big or small your datacenter needs.

Physical Security

Physical security is the deterrent, or barrier, to your mission-critical environment.

It covers protection from the perimeter to the building and down to the rack.

Building on our datacenter design and build excellence, Colt employs a range of security technologies that follow your journey from the perimeter to the rack.

We employ the latest technologies to ensure we leave nothing to chance, from intelligent monitoring systems to two-factor authentication.

perimeter security diagram

  • Fencing
  • Bollards
  • Manned gate entry
  • CCTV
  • Hostile Vehicle mitigation

Building and access control

  • Buildings designed for delay to forcible entry
  • CCTV monitoring throughout
  • Man traps
  • Card access
  • Two factor authentication
  • Alarm management platform
  • Dedicated monitors
  • Environmental controls
  • Cold aisle containment with PIN entry and 2 factor authentication
  • Caging – under floor barriers optional
  • Private rooms with bespoke security
  • Slab to slab construction
  • Anti-tailgating doors

To the rack

  • Electronic access control
  • Biometric rack access
  • Card access
  • Two-factor authentication

Colt DCS carries out systematic checking and maintenance of all our redundant security systems. Our approach to security is based on operational requirements, so you only pay for what you need.

Security Procedures


From the start of your journey with Colt, we offer flexible security options that cover every step, from consulting to maintenance and security-focused SLAs to professional services skills to help with ongoing audits and continued training and investment in our staff.

security procedures diagram

We take transparency seriously, from certification processes to security tied into SLAs and awareness of maintenance schedules and regular testing for emergency preparedness, providing both a site and customer-specific view.

Incident Preparedness

  • Colt DCS’ global notification system for staff trained in emergency crisis management, meaning your environment is always protected
  • Regular reporting for customers on security procedures and incidents following ITIL procedures
  • Regular reporting for change management
  • Enterprise risk assurance professionals that focus on business continuity management
  • A global notification system for staff for emergency crisis management for protection of staff and customers

secure data centers

People, Audits & Consulting

Our experienced, in-house led teams work regularly with customers on audits and certifications and can customise your experience from cyber security to hall, cage or rack access.

All staff follow strict ITIL procedures, which means Colt DCS is transparent when it comes to customer communications.

people audits and consulting diagram


inspecting racks

The Colt DCS Expertise

  • Security operations
  • Threat and risk analysis
  • Physical security
  • Personnel security
  • Strategic security planning
  • Project management
  • Personnel management

Audits and Consulting

Colt DCS’ datacenter services teams are certified to carry out audits and work regularly with customers on certification and design documents, bringing extensive in-house experience to your customised datacenter requirements.

Our standardisation of technology and procedures across our portfolio removes the complexity from cross-facility audits.

Let Colt DCS’ security and design teams work with you to achieve your individual requirements.

All staff are ISO 27001 audited.

Certifications & Standards

Colt DCS complies with a number of standards and certifications across the industry that highlight industry best practice

ISO 27001 – International standard that describes best practice for an information security management system (ISMS).

ISO 9001 – International certification for Quality Management and customer satisfaction.

SSAE 18 – Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements.

PCI DSS – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

ISAE 3402 – International Standard on Assurance Engagements which provides international assurance on controls at a service organisation.

World Connectivity

With Colt DCS, you’re connected to the world

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • IBM Softlayer
  • Leading Internet Exchanges for peering

Colt DCS offers an average of ten carriers popped in each data centre and access to many more at each site.

With more than 29 state-of-the art datacenters in key European and Asian cities, Colt DCS can meet a wide range of local and International colocation connectivity needs.

Our data centres are magnets for enterprises needing to connect to the cloud, or out into other markets, carriers seeking to connect with enterprises and other carriers, and service providers looking to tap into new areas of demand and deliver cloud.

global cloud providers

Gartner Best Practices

Gartner blue logo

Gartner Best Practices for Selecting a Colocation Provider

Buyers of colocation services are now commonly interested in far more than simply leasing space. In addition to traditional facility differentiators (eg: power density and resilience), other services (such as interconnection capabilities and managed services) enable colocation to play a more strategic role in global infrastructure delivery and network design.

However, as no two data centre facilities or providers are the same, I&O leaders must approach the colocation market using a structured approach that considers long-term data center strategy, opportunities for consolidation, and the use of a robust framework to determine appropriate suppliers and facilities.

This complimentary Gartner best practice research provides a three-step process and key considerations for selecting colocation facilities and vendors.

Get your complimentary copy now: